Medical buildings at Camp Blaz proposed; comment period begins

The north ramp at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, is being turned into a facility equivalent to a Marine Corps air station. Photo courtesy of Seth Robson/Stars and Stripes

The Navy is proposing to construct two buildings at at the Marine Corps Base Camp Blaz as part of the military buildup on Guam.

The first is a multi-story administration and communication building, and the other is a medical/dental clinic.

"Both buildings are located in the main cantonment area of Marine

Corps Base Camp Blaz previously prepared for vertical construction by J-001B

Utilities and Site Improvements," the Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command Marianas said.

The 45-day comment period, which opened Feb. 19, ends April 3.

Camp Blaz, located at Finegayan near Andersen Air Force Base, will provide a home for 5,000 Marines who will be relocated from Okinawa as part of the troop realignment.