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Masks still required at Guam airport

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Although some airlines have dropped their requirement for crewmembers and passengers to wear face coverings on the aircraft, the A.B. Won Pat International Airport Authority reminded travelers that they are still required to mask up at the Guam airport facility.

"In accordance with current regulations prescribing the gradual lifting of Covid-19 related restrictions, face masks are still required indoors," the airport authority said.

The indoor mask mandate on Guam is expected to be lifted on May 3 if all metrics are met under local regulations.

The airport has also polled its carriers – as of today- on the use of face masks while onboard aircraft.

United Airlines: Face mask use lifted for Honolulu and Saipan flights Masks are required for all other flights in conformance to destination protocols

Korean Airlines: Face mask required for check-in, boarding and duration of flight

Philippine Airlines, Jin Air, Jeju Air, T’way Air, Air Seoul, Air Busan: Face mask required for boarding and duration of flight


Last week, a U.S. judge struck down the mask mandate on planes and public transportation as unlawful, prompting American carriers to revise their mask policy, making it optional for their employees and passengers.

The White House decides whether to appeal against the ruling from Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, who was appointed by former president Donald Trump. It is the latest in a series of decisions by conservative judges against the administration’s Covid mitigation policies.

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