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Lotte Duty-Free Guam introduces Island Creations Collective

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Lotte Duty-Free Guam, the duty-free travel retail concessionaire at Guam International Airport, announced the launch of “Island Creations Collective” within Lotte’s “Guam Cultural Center.”

The Island Creations Collective or Nina’ huyong yan Rinikohen ginen I Isla in CHamoru is a body of authentic Guam-made and designed products sourced by Lotte Duty Free Guam from various Guam businesses.

“We are pleased and proud to introduce this selection of locally made merchandise by Guam vendors. Not only are we enhancing our line of Guam-made products for tourists to buy as they are leaving, but the Island Creations Collective is Lotte’s commitment to supporting local small enterprises by giving them a platform to increase awareness of their brands and products among a wider and more international audience,” said Daewoong Chen, CEO, Lotte Duty-Free Guam.

Lotte’s Island Creations Collective selections include confectionery products, beverages, local condiments, bath and body products, souvenirs, and accessories. Travelers departing from Guam International Airport can find the local brands in a section of Lotte’s Guam Cultural Center identified under the Island Creations Collective name. Other brands will be added to the assortment by Lotte Duty-Free Guam’s merchandising team in phases.

Chen said that local vendors who are interested in supplying their Guam-made products to Lotte can contact the company merchandising team by email to:

“We have formed a ‘treasure hunt’ committee comprising our CFO/COO and the merchandising team who are on the lookout for new local brands and products. They will shortlist and invite potential vendors to consider partnering with Lotte,” said Chen. (Lotte Duty-Free)


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