Kosrae prepares for construction boom

Updated: Sep 26

Infrastructure projects to begin next year; Panuelo urges state leaders to tap China funds as well

FSM President David Panuelo speaks to residents of Kosrae during his visit to the state Sept. 20-24, 2021. Photo courtesy of FSMIS

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Kosrae is gearing up for a construction boom, with a number of multimillion-dollar foreign aid-funded infrastructure projects already set in motion and scheduled to start next year.

During his visit to Kosrae last week, Federated States of Micronesia President David Panuleo updated state leaders on the status of close to a dozen projects on the island.

The administration’s Pave the Nation initiative includes the $46 million FSM Priority Road Improvements & Management Enhancements (PRIME) project, the $12 million FSM Strategic Climate-Oriented Road Enhancements (SCORE)Project, which are both funded by the World Bank, as well the $18 million Sustainable Road Infrastructure Investment (SRII) project bankrolled by the Asian Development Bank.

Panuelo also advised Kosrae leaders to tap into the $16 million donations from China on the state's road projects identified as priorities.

The PRIME funding supports the Improvement of the Lelu Causeway project.

According to the Office of the President, said the contract for the Leu project will be awarded in October and construction is scheduled to begin in late 2022.

Other projects, to be identified by the ongoing Vulnerability Assessment and Climate Resilient Road Strategy, are to be complNTeted in January 2022.