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IT&E upgrades Enterprise services and branding

IT&E celebrated the rebranding of its Enterprise services at a mixer with clients held at the Guam Museum on Oct. 24, 2023. Pictured from left are Latara P. Sasamoto, Enterprise Sales Account Manager at IT&E; Jimson Dator, Senior Executive Director of Sales at IT&E; Jim Oehlerking, President of IT&E, John J. Rivera, Director of Human Resources and Corporate Development at Citadel Pacific Ltd., and Clarissa T. Guerrero, Assistant Sales Manager of Enterprise Sales at IT&E.

IT&E today announced it has upgraded business solutions alongside a refreshed Enterprise branding.

With IT&E, businesses and organizations of all sizes can connect their business with tools and support that provide them with competitive advantages. Internet, voice, and data solutions remain the core of IT&E’s enterprise offerings. New and upgraded services include Cybersecurity, Cloud, Managed IT, and Data Center services.

"As technology advances, there are always new ways for a business to improve or operate more efficiently. At IT&E, we’re dedicated to offering the expertise and best possible services to our clients to help them succeed," said Jim Oehlerking, IT&E president.

Along with upgraded business solutions, IT&E has rebranded its Enterprise services to reinforce IT&E’s commitment to innovation and progress and distinguish it from the core IT&E branding. The updated Enterprise branding encourages curiosity about how technology can be used to improve businesses with the new tagline: Ask Blue. In addition, curiosity drives the IT&E team to learn, search and discover solutions for Enterprise clients. (IT&E)


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