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Guam Supreme Court asked to weigh in on attorney general’s duties to agencies

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero is asking the Supreme Court of Guam to sort out the conflict of interest invoked by Attorney General Douglas Moylan, who pulled out his legal services to several government agencies he is investigating.


In a request for declaratory judgment, the governor asked the court to determine whether or not the attorney general may withdraw from representing agencies.


The governor said Moylan’s withdrawal from agency representation has left several agencies legally orphaned, stalling procurements and contracts that needed advice and approvals from the attorney general.


The governor also asks the court to determine whether the attorney general is required to implement routine ethics protocols attorneys use in conflicts, including conflict walls or the appointment of independent conflict counsel.

Leon Guerrero is asking the court if agencies may now hire their own lawyers, and whether the Office of the Attorney General, which is funded in part to support these agencies, should be required to pay for the attorneys that agencies will have to hire to do the attorney general’s job.

The governor is seeking an expeditious resolution “to keep vital services and contracts going in service to our community.”


According to a press release from the governor’s office, millions of federal dollars and numerous government programs and services are at stake, including the Adult Day Care program, therapeutic medication for the vulnerable, maintenance and repairs of public infrastructure, mold mitigation, HVAC installation, and procurement of a new electronic health records system for the Guam Memorial Hospital, RFP’s for indispensable services including group homes, community rehabilitation programs, respite care, and personal care attendant services, and the hiring of a construction manager to initiate the construction of Simon Sanchez High School. 


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