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Guam, American Samoa delegates join powerful House commitees

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

James Moylan, Guam’s delegate to the U.S. Congress, will serve on the House Armed Services Committee and the House Natural Resources Committee.

Both panels address issues relevant to Guam, and other territories.

James Moylan

Territorial delegates have voting powers in both committees.

“We are excited about the selection, as being a member of these committees would provide us additional leverage when it comes to advocating issues important for Guam,” Moylan said. “HASC not only plays a critical role in creating economic activity for our island but is also vital for the defense of Guam and our nation."

Moylan said the process to secure the selection “is very thorough, and with HASC we created an educational piece, walked the halls of Congress, knocked the doors of the members of the steering committee, to pitch the importance of why Guam needs a seat on the committee.”

The natural resources committee has oversight responsibilities over insular areas and the Department of the Interior. “This a huge win for Guam,” Moylan said.

Amata Radewagen

Uifa’atali Amata Radewagen, American Samoa’s five-term delegate, will continue to serve on the natural resources committee, of which she has been a member since her first term in Congress.

At the same time, Radewagen will serve on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs for the first time.

She has also served on the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, most recently as vice ranking member.


“After participating in the Pacific Islands Conference of Leaders in Honolulu and observing the U.S.-Pacific Islands summit in Washington last year,” Radewagen said, “it became clear to me that the threat China poses to the stability of our region, requires the U.S. to become much more active in the region and that a Samoan perspective in congressional oversight and lawmaking would be the best way to protect our interests.”

Members of the House are typically assigned between one to two committees, and this assertion is based on which committees they are selected for.

Moylan provided a priority list, as required by each member prior to the inauguration, and his list included HASC, homeland security, veterans affairs, and small business, among others.

“Our team is now focusing on being a part of as many caucuses and conferences as possible, and this not only provides additional venues for networking to advocate for our issues, but these groups also have votes for members, which increases the leverage," Moylan said.

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