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Glimpses Media expands portfolio with acquisition of two radio stations

Marcos Fong

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Glimpses Media, a locally-owned and distinguished media company headquartered on Guam, announced the latest additions to its extensive

portfolio with the inclusion of two prominent radio stations, Power 98 FM and Wave 105 FM.

This strategic move not only marks a significant milestone in the company's growth but also demonstrates its commitment to providing diverse and comprehensive media offerings to the Marianas and Micronesia.

With nearly 50 years of dedicated service to the community, Glimpses of Guam Inc. has evolved into a multifaceted media entity, solidifying its reputation 

as a leader in business journalism, lifestyle and community publications, and now has expanded further to encompass two audio-visual radio broadcast stations.

Power 98 FM is a well-established Top 40 station focused on connecting

 with the island's youth, fostering a celebration of homegrown talent, and staying attuned to the vibrant cultural pulse of the region.

Wave 105 FM, a newly introduced station, will serve as the go-to destination

for news and music resonating with our island community. Boasting a lineup of familiar voices, such as Patti Arroyo and other notable community figures,

Wave 105 FM aims to become a trusted source for insightful content and engaging programming.

Glimpses Media's commitment to excellence extends beyond radio, with the Marianas Business Journal and Guam Business Magazine remaining as the premier business publications in the region. The company is also renowned for recognizing captains of industries and businesses through such prestigious awards programs as the upcoming Guam Business Magazine Executive

 of the Year, the List of Bank of Guam ASC Trust Top Companies in Micronesia, among others, firmly establishing its role as a pillar of the business community.

 The Guam Guide, a recent addition to its digital portfolio, is an online 

guidebook that showcases the uniqueness of Guam’s culture and lifestyle

 for visitors and newcomers alike.

Marcos Fong, managing director of Glimpses Media, expressed enthusiasm for the company's expansion, stating, "We are thrilled to diversify our media offerings with the addition of Power 98 FM and Wave 105 FM. These radio

stations, along with our familiar print and digital titles, allow us to create a

deeply immersive and enriching experience for our audience." (Glimpses Media)

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