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Four FSM citizens test Covid-positive on Guam, pulled out of repatriation group

Customs and quarantine officers stand on alert at the Pohnpei airport. File photo courtesy of FSMIS

Palikir, Pohnpei— Four of 50 Micronesian citizens who were scheduled to be sent home from Guam tested positive for Covid 19, the Office of the Federated States Micronesia President reported today. “Those persons, as well as five potential contacts (i.e. their roommates, such as husbands, wives and children) have since been removed from the repatriation effort, and are presently under the government of Guam’s appropriate isolation procedures,” the office of the president said. The 50 FSM citizens formed the second batch of stranded Micronesians processed for repatriation. With nine individuals left behind in isolation on Guam, only 41 were allowed to board the FSM-bound flight today. Officials said all repatriating citizens, except children, are fully vaccinated. Health officials advised the public to remain calm and “to appreciate that this is a sign of success; this is a sign that the FSM’s policies, procedures, and systems are working as intended.” Under the presidential directive, repatriating citizens are required to enter pre-quarantine on Guam and be tested for Covid-19 prior to return to the FSM. All repatriating fully vaccinated citizens will undergo an additional seven days of quarantine at the Pohnpei State quarantine facility in Dekehtik. The citizens who arrive unvaccinated will stay a total of 14 days. All repatriating citizens will receive Covid-19 tests upon arrival and prior to exiting the quarantine facility. All repatriating persons will undergo the same Covid-19 testing and security protection regimes.

Officials said all preventative and protective measures necessary to effectively complete this repatriation effort successfully are being implemented and put into effect both in Guam and in the FSM. Access and visitation to designated pre-quarantine and quarantine facilities are restricted.

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