Foster parenting: the most pro-life choice

May is Foster Care Month. On Guam, what does that mean? It means the governor signs a proclamation citing how many children are in need of the love and care that their biological parents cannot provide for various reasons.

Various churches and organizations highlight the need for foster parents and hand out flyers. We all laud the 40 active foster families on our island (as of this writing), and tell each other how amazing and loving they are for bringing children in need of a chance at life into their homes and families.

To me, foster parenting is the ultimate pro-life stance.

Here are some more pro-life statistics for all of us. Forty active foster families are now housing 76 of the 406 children that our Department of Public Health and Social Services’ Child Protective Services Unit has in its foster care system.

· Of those 406 children, minus the 76 in the foster homes:

· 202 are in relative placement;

· 52 in non-relative placement;

· 47 are in the parents’ physical custody;

· 5 are in treatment facilities;

· 5 are at the Department of Youth Affairs;

· 10 are in Alee Shelter; and

· 9 are at Sanctuary.