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DOL's June 2021 record shows Guam had 8,150 unemployed individuals

Guam had an unemployment rate of 11.4 percent in June, a decrease of 5.1 percentage point from 16.5 percent in March, according to Guam Department of Labor.

The June number showed a 5.9 percent decrease from the same month last year, but up 5.3 percentage points from the December 2019 figure pre-pandemic.

The total number of persons unemployed in June 2021 was 8,150, which shows a sub- substantial decrease in the latest quarter but it remains well above the figure of 4,670 in December2019.

Guam’s population covered by the survey, 16 years of age and over in June 2021 was 123,900.

The unemployment rate in June 2021 reflected a decrease in the number of persons unemployed since March 2021 and an increase in the number of persons counted in the Not in the Labor Force category.

The number of persons Not in the Labor Force increased from 47,140 in March 2021 to 52,650in June 2021.

The labor force participation rate, which is the civilian labor force as a fraction of the civilian population age 16 years of age and over, declined to 57.5 percent in June 2021 from 61.9 percent in March 2021 and 61.7 percent in December 2019 pre-pandemic.

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