Cultural agency's revenue drops 44% due to Covid-related pause on activities

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

The Department of CHamoru Affairs’ combined revenues decreased by $360,000 (or 44 percent) in fiscal 2020 due to the $262,000 decrease in lease revenue resulting from the pandemic-related government shutdown in 2020, according to the Office of Public Accountability.

The FY 2020 audit includes the non-appropriated funds of CHamoru Village, Guam Museum, Research Publication and Training (RPT); and the President’s Office.

For FY 2020, DCA reported a combined net income of $58,000, compared with FY 2019 combined net loss of $660,000. There were no transfers to other government agencies in FY 2020, as opposed to the prior year’s transfers of $719,000.

Similarly, its expenditures decreased by $359,000 (48 percent) primarily due to the $239,000 reduction in contractual expenses. Contractual expenses were significantly reduced due to the closures of the Guam Museum and CHamoru Village and the omission of contractual services in its renewed contract.

CHamoru Village

For FY 2020, CHamoru Village recognized a net loss of $68,000, compared with a $6,000 net loss in FY 2019. Total reported revenues decreased by $236,000 Oct. 19.