Covid resurrection stories

“Good leaders inspire people to have confidence in their leader. Great leaders inspire people to have confidence in themselves.”Eleanor Roosevelt

In March 2020, the Covid-19 virus demanded Guam get comfortable with being uncomfortable. PPEs, ventilators, social distancing and the incessant violation of civil liberties all became the new normal.

In August 2020, the virus surged upon our island and feasted on innocent lives amid Guam’s decrepit government hospital facilities, crumbling public health clinics and bloated civil service payroll filled with nonessential politically appointed employees. While Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong were amazed as the islands of Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia suffered few Covid casualties, Guam was conspicuous as the worst hit U.S. territory on the planet.

Too many people died as the virus overwhelmed our forsaken, broken public health systems. While the world offered better pandemic control solutions, Guam followed obscenely expensive, ill-informed decisions from Washington, D.C. into Covid hell.

We witnessed our friends die lonely deaths without the presence of loved ones by their side when they took their last breath. We saw people grieving on their own with no comfort in sight. We endured burials without funerals. We lamented hundreds of broken-hearted families who could not hug or embrace one another because of quarantine and isolation government mandates.

Somewhere in purgatory, a cherub observed, “If the truth makes you uncomfortable, don't blame the truth. Blame the lies Guam politi