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CNMI's Covid death toll: 18

By Pacific Island Times News Staff Saipan-- The CNMI recorded its 18th Covid19-related death.

Officials said 15 of the 18 deaths reported in CNMI occurred since the current surge of Covid-19 cases (Oct. 28, 2021).

Of the 15 deaths, 9 persons were unvaccinated, 1 was partially vaccinated, and 5 were fully vaccinated (none had a booster dose). The average age of those who died was 65 years old (43-95 years old) compared to the average of 30 years for all cases.

Almost all of these individuals were diagnosed too late to use monoclonal antibodies. Unvaccinated individuals are at risk of serious illness from Covid-19, and unvaccinated individuals spread the virus at a higher rate than vaccinated individuals, thereby increasing the spread and risk of serious illness toward other unvaccinated individuals.

The CNMI government said 37 cases have been confirmed positive for Covid-19 on Dec. 31, and Jan. 1 and 2, bringing the CNMI total to 3,334 cases since March 28, 2020. The individuals have been isolated and are actively monitored.


As of Jan. 2, there have been 2,426 recoveries made, 602 active cases, and 15 deaths of the cases identified since Oct. 28, 2021.

As of Jan. 3, there were 12 individuals hospitalized as a result of COVID-19 (6 unvaccinated, 6 vaccinated; 2 on a ventilator); and 2 were discharged.

Of the 37 cases, 14 were identified on Jan. 2, 20 on Jan. 1, and 3 on Dec. 31; 18 were identified via contact tracing, 12 were identified via community testing, and 7 were identified via travel testing.

The vaccination statuses of the 37 cases identified are pending verification.

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