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BMW iX unveiled on Guam

Atkins Kroll Inc., an Inchcape company and the authorized importer and distributor of BMW vehicles in Guam, today unveiled the first-ever BMW iX, the island’s first luxury all-electric Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV), a car that exudes progressive luxury on the outside and a feel-good ambiance on the inside.

“For BMW, the future is electric and 2023 is the year we kickstart this reality in Guam,” said Alex Yap, president of Atkins Kroll. “Unveiling the BMW iX to our community is a proud moment for AK. BMW’s excellence in automotive engineering and EV technology truly sets the benchmark in the luxury EV arena. We are committed to helping reduce environmental pollution and hope more drivers go electric as the infrastructure continues to develop.”

Produced at BMW Group Plant Dingolfing using purely green power, monitored raw materials extraction, and a high proportion of natural and recycled materials, the purely electric BMW iX combines emission-free driving pleasure, sporting agility, and a compelling operating range dedicated to sustainability. With its trailblazing design and an interior devoted to luxurious spaciousness, the BMW iX embodies a fresh new take on the premium SAV concept.

The BMW iX xDrive40 available in Guam is equipped with an electric all-wheel-drive system, with a combined output of 240 kW/326 hp. The fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology’s efficiency paired with the latest battery cell technology boasts an estimated range of up to 260 miles. The adaptive recuperation function gives a further boost to the efficiency and range of the BMW iX.

The BMW iX sits atop BMW’s electric SAV line-up and its role in showcasing industry-leading technology. The near-actuator wheel slip limitation technology fitted in tandem with all-wheel drive for the first time brings about a further improvement in traction and handling stability. In addition, it has generous interior space compared to non-electric SUVs similar in size, with an impressive 77.9 cubic feet with its rear seats folded.

The body structure, design principle, and chassis tuning of the BMW iX are perfectly geared to blending superb ride comfort with sporty handling characteristics. The aluminum spaceframe construction and the Carbon Cage’s use of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) in the roof and at the sides and rear result in an intelligent material mix that increases rigidity at the same time as minimizing weight.

AK BMW will be receiving 20 units of the BMW iX this year. Each vehicle will come with a BMW Wallbox charger and a Flexible Fast Charger, which is compatible with any 120V or 240V outlet. BMW customers may also charge their EVs at AK BMW. The vehicle will achieve a full charge within 12 hours on 240 volts.

Tom Mazzei, Sales Director for Atkins Kroll announced, “The wait is over. The highly anticipated BMW iX is finally here! Both vehicles unveiled today have already been spoken for, but rest assured, we have more arriving next month.”

Mazzei noted that servicing BMW EVs will follow the current Condition Base Service (CBS), which notifies the customers when their vehicle is due for service. He added, “AK BMW is poised for this new era of EVs. All our Certified BMW EV Technicians were trained and certified in Malaysia, which means we have experts on the island to care for the EVs with excellence.”

Additional BMW iX vehicles will be available in June for viewing at the AK BMW showroom. Interested customers are encouraged to visit or call AK at 671-649-6410 for more information about the availability of the BMW iX or to make a purchase.


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