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54 Democratic state parties step up fight to protect Roe v. Wade

By Pacific island Times News Staff

In response to a leaked draft decision indicating the Supreme Court’s intent to overturn Roe v. Wade, the listed state charters of the nation's Democratic Party signed on to issue following joint statement:

“The shockwaves of Donald Trump’s presidency are neither gone nor forgotten. We are heartbroken - but not surprised - to see the draft opinion of the U.S Supreme Court indicating it intends to overturn a half-century of constitutional jurisprudence in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

“Many of us live in states where abortion access has been overturned or torn apart by extremist Republicans who have no business interfering in personal health decisions. Abortion bans are not favored by a majority of Americans, and they never will be. They are, however, supported by an extremist group of right-wing primary voters and donors – and that's why the GOP continues to fight to restrict abortion access nationally and in our legislatures.


“In the wake of this decision, the Supreme Court’s anticipated opinion will signal a return of power to the elected representatives of each state and territory. Therefore, it is important now, more than ever, that we protect and exercise those rights that remain intact — our First Amendment rights to associate and to vote representatives into office who will stand firm and protect their constituents from the threats and whims of conservatives.

“Across America, our state democratic parties will work tirelessly to recruit, train, and support Democratic candidates for state and federal office who will fight for the right to abortion. We encourage our federal legislators to codify Roe immediately. We cannot and will not wait.”


In Washington D.C., the Supreme Court ordered an investigation into the premature release of the draft opinion.

While confirming the authenticity of the leaked draft, Chief Justice John Roberts said it does not represent the court's final decision. He called the leak “a betrayal of the confidences” of the institution.

The leaked draft document was reported by Politico.

“To the extent this betrayal of the confidences of the Court was intended to undermine the integrity of our operations,” Roberts wrote, “it will not succeed,” adding that the “work of the Court will not be affected in any way.”

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