Bridging the digital divide

I have been in the telecommunications industry for many years and it never ceases to amaze me to see how far technology has come. The technological innovations of the past have all led up to this moment where we are connected to loved ones, information and commerce by a device that fits into the palm of the hand.

I’m of course talking about the mobile phone. But the mobile phone is more than just a material object, it’s a gateway to a better life.

We are already seeing that mobile devices and mobile internet or data are a major tool for accessing services and goods.

One industry that is going online and mobile is healthcare. The Guam Covid Alert mobile app and other similar contract-tracing apps around the world are one example of leveraging mobile technology to address a major health concern.

Basic clinic services can be offered via an online portal, including booking appointments and accessing health records or billing. Mobile apps and wearables to track diet and exercise have long been popular. In addition, wearable technologies are becoming more advanced with features like accurate ECG and blood pressure monitor