Tears and fears behind the masks of bravery

Lilian Perez-Posadas/Photo courtesy of Pacific News Center

The siren of an ambulance pulling into the Guam Memorial Hospital premises always brings along a cloud of foreboding. The hospital staff prepares to receive the patient, whose uncertain fate triggers a collective fear and anxiety.

“(Patients) keep coming in. They need help and attention and there is always a concern that we don’t have a bed so we need to find a bed for that patient,” said Lilian Perez-Posadas, GMH administrator.

The oft-maligned government hospital has been crammed with Covid and non-Covid patients since the second wave rolled in by the early part of July. Behind the masks of bravery, GMH employees lug a sense of trepidation given their constant exposure to the coronavirus. As of mid-September, the number of GMH employees who have been stricken with Covid-19 has gone up to 55.