Navy begins probe into dog killing in Yigo

The U.S. Navy has begun investigating a July 21 incident involving a sailor allegedly attacking a dog in Yigo, according to the Joint Region Marianas.

"We are fully cooperating with local authorities, who have the investigative lead," said Richard Moore, public affairs officer at JRM. "We expect our personnel to uphold the highest standards of conduct both on and off duty."

According to Guam Animals in Need, a neighborhood dog named Walter was brutally attacked in broad daylight and died of his injuries over 24 hours later. GAIN is calling for aggressive local and military investigations to bring the attacker to justice. Children in the neighborhood found the dog on July 22. He had slit on the side and back of his neck. Walter was an old, arthritic boonie mix, he was small in stature and had a gentle personality.

"He knew how to sit and shake hands on command, leading residents to believe he'd once been owned and abandoned when his family left Guam. He spent his days sleeping in carports, playing with children as young as 7, and was fed by four to five families along the street," GAIN said. When he was discovered bleeding, the children rushed to their parents, who were shocked to find the extent of Walter's injuries; a severe knife cut along the back and side of his neck exposed deep muscle and bone. The neighborhood mobilized, and multiple households helped place Walter in a kennel and rush him to a local veterinary clinic. However, his injuries were too great to overcome, and he was euthanized to end his suffering. ADVERTISEMENT