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  • By Pacific island Times News Staff

UOG launches Covid-19 relief initiative for students

The University of Guam announces UOG Cares, a new initiative that will provide financial, academic, and health and wellness support to UOG students in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“UOG Cares is part of the university’s response to the needs of our students and reaffirms our commitment to help them reach their academic goals,” UOG President Thomas W. Krise said in a memo to students today.

With much still unknown or undecided about how classes will be held later this year, the university wants students to know their education will not be compromised.

“We are ready to welcome students back to UOG, whether back to the campus or online,” Krise said.

Two strategies will provide almost immediate financial support to students. The first is a 5 percent rebate on tuition for new and returning students attending the University of Guam this coming fanuchånan (August to December) semester.

Secondly, student fees for the finakpo’ (June to August) sessions this summer have been reduced by more than 60%. The administration is also discussing reductions in fees for the recently completed fañomnåkan (January to May) semester and the upcoming fanuchånan semester, which will be announced at a later date.

The university is exploring other ways to provide discounts or other financial aid to students and will make announcements about these opportunities in the future. ADVERTISEMENT

To have the best and most meaningful academic experience, students need personal access to advisement, faculty, learning resources, technology, and more. Over the last two months, UOG has upgraded infrastructure and prepared faculty and students to succeed in classes and communication, whether back in the classroom or online.

To address the needs of many students and employees for high-speed internet access, the university has partnered with Docomo Pacific on a special home internet rate plan for students and employees that will provide nearly 40% off regular rates. Details will be available soon.

And to help students save money on textbooks, the Triton Store will begin offering “inclusive access” digital versions of textbooks and course materials in the Fanuchånan 2020 semester. The digital versions will save students up to 70% off the cost of printed textbooks.


The university has instituted on-campus guidelines for face masks and other personal protective equipment, hygiene and sanitation, temperature checks, and more. Though summer classes will be held online, campus offices are open, some with adjusted schedules that can be found on the UOG website, to serve students and the public.

The Isa Psychological Services Center on campus will also remain open over the summer as a resource for the mental health and well-being of students, employees, their families, and the Guam community.

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