Brace for yet another threat

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

As we all are focused on the Covid-19 pandemic and trying as hard as we can to practice social distancing, washing our hands 300 times a day, and applying hand sanitizer every time we get back into our vehicles from the supermarket, we must not forget what season we are entering. Although Guam is susceptible to typhoons all year round, the actual season is from June to December.

On May 13, the Pacific experienced our first named tropical storm, Vongfong, which developed east of Mindanao, Philippines and rapidly intensified into a Category 3 typhoon reaching 100 mph winds that left an estimated $43 million worth of damage. Yet, hardly anyone noticed.

While we are all extremely focused on our health and trying not to catch this horrible virus, we must not forget that this time of year we all must be extremely alert to the season that we are fast approaching. Weather forecasters for the U.S. government say the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season is likely to be more active than normal, predicting as many as 13 to 19 named storms.