Nearly 1,000 sailors tested Covid positive

A sailor disinfects equipment on USS Theodore Roosevelt. Photo courtesy of the US Navy


Stranded in Guam for exactly a month now, the USS Theodore Roosevelt is struggling to win the battle against Covid-19, which has hit 955 sailors, bringing to pass the warning sounded by the ship's former captain, Brett Crozier.

The latest Covid-19 tally on Roosevelt accounts for close to 50 percent of the Navy’s cumulative total for infected population.

The Navy's latest Covid-19 update was released amid the Pentagon’s pending action on a recently concluded investigation into circumstances that led to the massive contagion on the carrier ship, which has been docked in Apra Harbor for four weeks. The Department of Defense is also still weighing on the Navy's recommendation to reinstate Crozier, who himself tested Covid-19 positive.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper has received a verbal update from the acting Secretary of the Navy and the Chief of Naval Operations on the Navy's preliminary inquiry into the Covid-19 outbreak on Roosevelt, according to Jonathan Rath Hoffman, assistant to the Secretary of Defense.