K57’s Andrea Pellacani on becoming a reluctant radio personality

In a reversal of roles, talk show host Andrea Pellacani finds herself in the hot seat as she answers questions about her job at Newstalk K57 and her life outside the radio booth. Pellacani, the voice behind K57’s midday broadcast, is known for her intrepid opinions on current events.

But once the microphones are turned off, she admits to shunning the crowd for quiet spaces A childhood friend once teased Pellacani, “I would be shocked if you took that job.” To which, she responded: “Challenge accepted!” It was that challenge that pushed her into the world of talk radio and later spawned The Andrea Pellacani Show.

Pellacani joined Newstalk K57 in 2016 to co-host the show “Let’s Be Blunt.” Soon, she started hosting the weekday afternoon show that would eventually become part of the K57 triumvirate of radio talk shows (Pellacani, Patti Arroyo and Phill Leon Guerrero) with a huge following. Pellacani said it took her several months before finally getting comfortable with the flow of the radio program. “I think for three months, my butt cheeks were clenched for four hours straight.

From Monday to Friday, I was deathly afraid of talking on the microphone and having that attention on me.” In the end, she said, it was such a good decision and a great learning experience for her. “It’s been three years,” she said. “I literally started in November 2016. So I just completed my full third year here at Sorensen. And seeing my name and picture somewhere still freaks me out. I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable in that role.”