Amid launch of iPhone 11, Apple rolls out major security features

While we’ve all heard the spiel about not opening any suspicious emails and not giving our social security numbers out, we may not be paying attention who can access the personal data on our smartphones.

Today’s users are increasingly more reliant and are storing far more personal information on their smartphones. Since smartphones now contain significant amount of sensitive personal data, such as passwords, email history, website, search engine and social media habits, there’s a growing concern about protecting this data.

Smartphone and software manufacturers are taking notice of people’s concerns. Apple recently launched the iPhone 11 family, boasting that it has the most secure Face ID ever. To supplement this, Apple has launched a campaign touting the privacy and security features of its operating system and its iPhones. A digital commercial by Apple describes its commitment to privacy and security, pledging to keep all of your sensitive information secure — from your location to your messages, to your heart rate.

The internet is a wonderful thing but is also a dangerous place for personal data.