FAS migrants make up 11 percent of Guam's population

The population of freely associated states citizens living on Guam—which remains to be the main destination for Compact migrants — has increased by 9 percent as of 2018, according to the Census Bureau’s report.

The report posted April 26 on the Department of the Interior’s website showed that Guam was home to 18,874 FAS migrants, accounting for 11 percent of the island’s total population.

Approximately 38,114 FAS migrants were residing in Guam, Hawaii, CNMI and American Samoa as of 2018. Hawaii is home to 16,680 migrants, showing a 12 percent increase and accounting for 1 percent of the state’s population.

The CNMI hosted 2,535 FAS migrants, showing a 5 percent decrease and accounting for 5 percent of the Commonwealth population. American Samoa is hosting 25 Compact migrants.

“These estimates, to be used for the next five years, provide the basis for determining the FY 2019 distribution amounts,” according to the Department of Interior.

Under the Compacts of Free Association, citizens from the Federated States of Micronesia Palau and Marshall Islands are allowed visa-free entry to the United States and any of its jurisdictions, where they may legally live, work, acquire education and receive social services.

DOI Assistant Secretary Doug Domenech a