Adelup proposes a $966.3M budget for FY2020

The administration is projecting a revenue amount of $966.3 for fiscal 2020, which is $10 million above the current fiscal year level.

Among the salient features of the proposed budget include lifting of the freeze on government of Guam employee salary increments, setting aside 2 percent of general fund revenues omitted in the FY 2019 Budget Act and revives the idle Rainy Day Fund. The budget proposal also includes a $75,000 appropriation for the creation of cannabis testing facility-- a stalled project requirement that impedes the implementation of medical marijuana program on Guam.

“The administration also makes clear that it is committed to the timely and expeditious payment of income tax refunds. At the outset, the administration proposes to take $125 million in income tax refunds off the top before spending is authorized,” a press release from Adelup states.

Other highlights in the FY 2020 executive budget request include: