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  • By Joyce McClure

Yap election results certified

The new administration in Yap: Henry S. Falan and Jesse J. Salalu

Colonia-- The gubernatorial and senatorial election in Yap is now certified. On Nov. 27, the incumbent governor, Tony Ganngiyan, and his running mate, Francis Itimai, began their concession on Facebook by saying, “The majority has spoken and [we] respectfully congratulate Henry Falan and Jesse Salalu and the new and re-elected Yap State Legislature members.”

With a final count of 2,222 for Falan and Salalu and 2,074 for the incumbent and his running mate, the race was close but definitive in the small state.

The swearing in will be held on Jan. 14. Until then, the transition will begin with Governor Ganngiyan pledging “our assistance, and we encourage all of Yap to be united in the administration, as well as encourage each family to take a more active role in security and resilience to make our State part of the Micronesian promised land.”

Falan was off island on personal business when the news came in and could not be reached for comment, but Salalu posted a message on Facebook, “We want to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for all your prayers and support. Congratulations to all the voters that came out to vote in this general election including those that voted for us and those who voted for the other team. We love you all and we pray that God will bless all of us and the two teams and our families with His Love so that we all can come together once again to love each other and work together to get things done for the wonderful people of Yap.”


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