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  • By Bruce Lloyd

Guam candidates check out protest at Navy gate

There were no Navy personnel to be seen--security or otherwise--outside the gate of U.S. Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station base Saturday as Guam residents peacefully protested the destruction of a preservation site on the base.

Senate candidate James Moylan snags a souvenir selfie

But there was no shortage of local political candidates lending support by their presence, including Republican Guam Delegate candidate Doris Flores Brooks and GOP Senate candidates James Moylan, Mary Torres and Harold Cruz. Also on hand were Democratic Senate candidates Sabina Perez, Kelly Marsh, Clynt Ridgell and Lasia Casil.

Also speaking were former University of Guam President Robert Underwood and preservation activist Dave Lotz.

Lotz set matters off when he recently discovered that the remains of the ancient Chamorro village of Magua' at the site of the new Marine Corps base had been bulldozed to the point of being impossible to find.

The general theme of the speeches was that the Navy had betrayed its commitment to 'partnership' in the buildup, including preservation of the site.

The military has generally been silent on Lotz's observation, though Joint Region Marianas public affairs officer Lt. Ian McConnaughey said the military is following strict federal guidelines for protecting cultural resources.

Lotz, a member of the Guam Preservation Trust, considers the site to be the best remaining interior ancient Chamoru village site on the northern limestone plateau area.

Candidate Brooks recalled her past legal actions in defense of historic sites against encroaching development.

Members of both Independent Guåhan and Prutehi Litekyan: Save Ritidian, along with other Guam residents participated in the demonstration.

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