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  • By Pacific Island Times Staff

Grow your own medical pot at home on Guam

Governor Calvo signs home cultivation bill into law

Governor Eddie Baza Calvo signed Senator Louise Muna’s Bill 302-34 into law opening the door for home cultivation of medicinal cannabis, years after Guam legalized medical marijuana. However, a solution to how the drug is to be grown and sold has eluded the Guam government.

Following today’s bill signing, Governor Calvo said, “This bill was prompted by an initiative voted on by the people of Guam. It has been a struggle getting medicinal marijuana to those in our community who need it. Now there’s another option, and that is home cultivation.” He added, “We believe that this measure will effectuate the use of medicinal marijuana for those that are in need of it. And future legislatures and administrations will work collaboratively towards a full implementation of medicinal marijuana making it more conventional.” “This is an interim solution for a bill that was never funded by the legislature and we congratulate Senator Louise Muna in finding an interim solution until the legislature appropriates for the law that was previously passed,” Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio said, echoing the governor. Senator Muna also said, “I want to thank my seven colleagues who voted for this bill and Governor Calvo for signing it into law. While there are still restrictions to this bill, those who need it most for medical uses like pain management, nausea control, or as an appetite stimulus will benefit from it. This is a major step for those who have been waiting.”


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