USS Ronald Reagan arrives in Guam with 20 local sailors aboard

With 5,000 sailors aboard, USS Ronald Reagan arrived in Guam for a port call Sept. 24.

Ronald Reagan, the flagship of the Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group, made its way to Guam from its homeport of Yokosuka, Japan to participate in Valiant Shield 2018.

The U.S.-only, biennial training exercise is focused on integrating U.S. forces in a blue-water environment and enables real-world proficiency in sustaining the forces through detecting, locating, tracking, and engaging units at sea, in the air, on land, and in cyberspace for a range of missions.

According to Reagan Weapons Officer Cmdr. Ivan Borja, Valiant Shield contributes to the readiness of the military as a whole, especially as the exercise is conducted in the Pacific region.

“It’s a complex environment where we have to be on top of our game for the training and support of what we do as a military,” he said. “We (have) got to be flexible at all times to execute the mission.”