Store employees allegedly suffer unjust labor practices in Chuuk

Recurring incidents of unjust labor practices and human trafficking by a retail store in the Federated States of Micronesia have remained unaddressed despite numerous complaints filed by alleged victims.

The complaints came from persons who worked for Padma Enterprises, which operates the Saki Store and JG/Roshi Store in Chuuk, FSM. One of the complainants said that government authorities in the FSM and India have been informed about these incidents.

The complainants allege that the company confiscated their passports upon arrival in the FSM. Their wages were also withheld by the owners for several months with no explanation given. With their wages directly paid out to an account in India, the workers had no money for their daily expenses. They were also prohibited from interacting with other people and constantly monitored 24/7.

The owners also reportedly used “abusive language” against their workers.

A website ( created by an unknown individual warned overseas workers from ‘being duped” into working for the company.