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  • By Bruce Lloyd

Candidate Tenorio wants wrap-up of 'gun grabbing case'

Now that the primary election in which he had no competition as GOP gubernatorial candidate is over, Lt. Gov. Ray Tenorio is looking ahead to November and concerned about the lingering impact of the Attorney General's investigation of an incident which could result in either charges against him or declined prosecution.

That incident occurred at the Tumon Bay block party in early July, when Tenorio, a former police officer, believed a working officer on the scene did not have his loaded pistol properly secured. Tenorio yanked the pistol from its holster. Tenorio, who told the media he had a few beers before the incident, said his intent was to educate the officer.

A grand jury reportedly has reviewed the case, but no word on the outcome has been forthcoming.

Twisting in the wind with the resulting uncertainty and potential damage to his campaign, Tenorio Thursday issued a statement directed at the AGO.

“I am requesting an expeditious review of, and conclusion to, the matter before the Attorney General. I am confident that I committed no illegal action and the public deserves resolution on this matter. I believe the findings will show that my intent was public safety, as it has always been throughout my career as a former police officer, the former legislative chairman on public safety, and the current overseer of public safety. The matter has been heavily politicized during the election season and I want to set the record straight.”

Tenorio's latest statement on the incident came before the primary in a radio interview with Ray Gibson:

Attorney General Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson

[Ray Gibson] “I think it is to the detriment of your campaign that the Attorney General’s office has been silent. There’s this cloud that we’ve all got to punch through. How do you feel? [Tenorio] I think I’ve said what I need to say on this. I apologize for this. I think I did it for the right reasons, perhaps the wrong way. Everything has always been about public safety, to make sure the officer’s lives and other people’s lives… are not in jeopardy because of a firearm… In the future I’ll say, ‘that looks kinda unsafe and is that firearm secured?”
The action, or inaction on the case by the Attorney General's Office has already been an issue in the campaign for Attorney General, which has now been narrowed to a contest between former Attorney General Douglas Moylan and Guam Attorney Leevin Camacho.
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