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Guam-inspired artwork to be featured in Korea

GVB, Lotte Department Store team up for eco-wave art exhibition featuring local and Korean artists

Artists paint the diving board platform at Inarajan Pools

The Guam Visitors Bureau will have a major art exhibition with Lotte Department Store in Korea featuring the work of local artist Dr. Judy Flores, as well as three artists from Korea that visited Guam in May. The artwork was inspired by Guam’s natural beauty and clean environment and will be displayed between August to October in three of Lotte’s galleries, located in Youngdeungpo, Anyang, and Busan. The upcoming art exhibition will also highlight artwork from Guam Family Ambassador and child artist Hyun Jin Lee. The featured Korea artists were on Guam for an eco-wave tour from May 26-31, 2018 and collaborated with Dr. Flores to produce a series of murals in the southern village of Inarajan. The participants included silkscreen artist Kim Gun Joo, window painting artist Kang Min Jung (Nanan), painter and illustrator Lee Mi Ju, illustrator Bang Ji Hee, and photographer and videographer Son Jung Chun. The largest mural that was painted by the artists focused on Guam’s endemic Ko’ko’ bird at the Inarajan natural pools. “The old diving board at Inarajan pools needed some love and thanks to these artists, this popular spot has now become even more iconic with a Guamazing mural of our Ko’ko’ bird. Their artwork has contributed to the beautification of our public spaces and is something that our residents of Inarajan can be proud of,” said GVB President and CEO Nathan Denight. “This was a meaningful project that showcased Guam, while also promoting eco-tourism.”

GVB has been a long time supporter of the arts on island and has helped sponsor various events such as Pow! Wow! Guam, the annual Guam Art eXhibit, 2018 Guam Spraycation and the upcoming Shoyoroll & Friends mural installation. The Bureau thanks the Department of Parks and Recreation, Inarajan Mayor’s Office and Dr. Flores for their assistance with this eco-friendly project. Follow the artists on Instagram - Nanan Kang @nanankang, Gun Joo Kim @gjdrawing, and Mi Ju Lee @mijuleee, as well as Dr. Judy Flores on facebook @judy.s.flores and Hyun Jin Lee at Watch highlights of the artists painting in Inarajan at


Photo 2: A look at one of the finished murals at Inarajan Pools.

Photo 3: Korean window painting artist Kang Min Jung (Nanan) stands next to her painting at the Inarajan Pools.

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