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Creative canvas camp art show

Art Therapy By Donna Hope Blas

It’s all part of the cycle of life. We are born and we take, take, take. LOL. Then we get older and yes, we get worse. As teens we take it all. But take heed. I bring good news. This cycle will change.

Parents, you feel better. When we become adults, we start at “GO” and roll the die. We work. We buy homes. We build families (or not). We are career-driven (or not). Then we slow down and start to travel more to the Boardwalk and/or take the B&O Train to St. Charles Place.

Then finally we come to a major life milestone. We give, give, give. This is the time to pass on wisdom and information. We hit the age of sharing what we’ve learned all our lives, whether about business or of course, art, and we share.

I witnessed the passing of art knowledge from a passionate artist to over a dozen young talented students. One day they too will “GO” and will perhaps come to this same stop and teach an art class and they will reminisce this class and remember when favorite local artist, Michelle Pier taught them.

Please meet the Creative Canvas Class of 2023! We invite you to join them early August for their art show. Details to be announced soon.

Donna Hope Blas is a restoration & 3D artist born and raised on Guam. She is the co-owner of The Guam Gallery of Art. She is a certified Therapeutic Art Life coach. Send feedback to

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