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  • By Joyce McClure

USNS Brunswick arrives on Yap

Crew members explain the USNS Brunswick’s water treatment system to Lieutenant

Governor James Yangtemai, FSM President Peter Christian, U.S. Ambassador Robert Riley

and Captain Peter Oliver (Joyce McClure)

Colonia, Yap-- The largest annual multilateral humanitarian and disaster relief preparedness mission conducted in the Indo-Pacific Region arrived in Yap Wednesday aboard the USNS Brunswick, an expeditionary fast transport ship.

During the opening ceremony, U.S. Ambassador to the FSM, Robert Riley, joined FSM President Peter Christian and Yap State Lieutenant Governor James Yangtemai in welcoming Captain Peter Olive and the ship’s multinational officers and crew.

The 13th Pacific Partnership Mission now adds Yap to the 18 host nations it has served since 2016. Docked in Colonia’s port, the personnel will be conducting medical outreach, capacity building trainings, community events and engineering projects throughout the island from March 21st to April 2nd.


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