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Governor Calvo backs down on 32 hour furlough threat

Senator Frank Aguon Jr. requested the opinion

Guam Attorney General Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson says that she has advised Governor Eddie Baza Calvo that he can't order a furlough of government workers in response to the alleged government fiscal crisis without following established procedures for this action. And she says Calvo is taking her advice.

“In fact, a financial emergency is one of the primary reason for initiating furlough procedures, not a reason to avoid them,” Barrett-Anderson said.

Barrett-Anderson issued a memorandum to the Governor today advising him that he cannot implement a 32-Hour work week until he follows all furlough procedures established by the Department of Administration Personnel Rules & Regulations, which includes the development of a furlough plan.

As a result of the Attorney General’s advice, the Governor has agreed to postpone implementation.

Senator Frank Blas Aguon reacted: "For weeks, our GovGuam employees have had to carry the mental and emotional burden of impending furloughs we elected officials have placed on them without asking. It is fair to say that discussions on Bill 245 have been troubling for everyone in our community.

At some point, we must all take a step back and examine our actions and then come back to the table ready to work together. I respectfully requested an opinion on this matter yesterday and I want to thank Attorney General Elizabeth Barrett Anderson for expediting the issuance of her opinion and giving GovGuam workers the clarity desperately needed on Executive Order 2018-03.”


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