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U of Guam graduates 280

It's the first Fanuchanan (Fall) Commencement

After renaming the Fall semester to Fanuchånan earlier this year, the University of Guam celebrated the accomplishments of its graduates during the first Fanuchånan 2017 Commencement Ceremony held at the UOG Calvo Field House Sunday. UOG conferred 280 degrees—216 undergraduate degrees and 64 graduate degrees, making this the largest graduating class of any Fall or Fanuchånan Commencement Ceremony. Nearly half of the total graduates came from the UOG School of Business and Public Administration, which conferred 105 undergraduate degrees in Business Administration, Accounting, Public Administration, and Criminal Justice and 30 graduate degrees from its Master of Public Administration and Professional Master of Business Administration programs. An “inheritance and a challenge”

In his welcoming remarks, UOG President Robert Underwood shared examples of UOG alumni making a difference in the world, and reminded the graduates of attitudes and values that the University passed on to them: “responsibility, commitment and problem-solving.” “This is your year and this is your opportunity to create earthquakes large and small, to challenge the status quo, to not let elected officials shortchange you or your education. Do not let alternate facts and misrepresentations carry the day. Bring integrity and honesty to the spirit of concern for others into everything we do,” said Underwood.