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  • By Bruce Lloyd

One arrested at Andersen gate Ritidian protest

As Andersen Air Force security personnel stood by in the background, Guam police made one arrest after peaceful protesters against the Ritidian firing range blocked traffic coming in and out of the base at mid-day Saturday.

Members of the Prutehi Litekyan: Save Ritidian group and a newly formed youth organization, Manhoben Para Guåhan, invited others to join in the protest of the live fire training range, which will support the arrival of Marines from Okinawa as part of the Guam military buildup.

The majority of the protesters, bearing signs and chanting slogans opposing the range, remained on the other side of the road from the gate entrance.

When additional Guam officers arrived, protesters were told several times that blocking the entrance violated Guam law. Police then arrested Harold Cruz, chief of staff for Senator Wil Castro. Senator Fernando Esteves argued with the officers, but wasn't arrested. The demonstrators shortly freed up the intersection, retreating back across the road after Esteves said the anti-range protest message had been successfully delivered.


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