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  • Pacific Island Times Staff

Navy drops $17.9 million for Apra HQ building

Contrack Watts Inc., of McLean, Virginia, has been awarded a $17.9 million contract to build a new waterfront headquarters building at Apra Harbor on Naval Base Guam. The money comes from Japan’s share of the expected $8.6 billion buildup costs.

$3.1 billion of the funding will come from the government of Japan, according to the amended buildup agreement between Japan and the United States, signed October 2013.

"For the Marines to effectively execute amphibious operations, a fully capable waterfront facility and associated infrastructure are essential," said Officer in Charge of Construction, Marianas Commanding Officer Captain Dan Turner.

"The award of this contract marks yet another critical step forward in the Marine Corps relocation to Guam and it is another excellent example of the tremendous financial investment by our Government of Japan partners toward our shared national defense interests."


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