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Guam Attorney General warns of tax-text scam aimed at local consumers

Apparently the threat of nuclear annihilation by North Korea isn't the only current threat to Guam residents.

The Guam Attorney General Office's Consumer Protection Division has received a report of a suspicious pre-recorded text message that a consumer received on her cell phone, purportedly from the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) Tax Crime Investigation Unit. The message indicates that an arrest warrant was issued and the consumer was given two numbers with an area code of 202 to call.

The Attorney General cautions Guam consumers that the IRS does not call, text or email official notification to taxpayers. All IRS official notifications are sent in writing via postal mail. All postal mail claiming to be from the IRS should be verified with its Hawaii Office. Consumers receiving such pre-recorded text messages should report it to the Consumer Protection Division at 475-3324 ext.3255.

Guam Attorney General Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson


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