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  • Pacific Island Times Staff

Governor Calvo wants to provide a semi-home for the Guam homeless

Guam Governor Eddie Baza Calvo has called on the Guam Housing Corporation to find private sector landlords who want to lease an apartment building in central Guam which would house Guam’s homeless population and those in need of shelter in the evenings.

Calvo asked GHC President Chris Duenas to solicit interest from private sector landlords to lease an apartment building in central Guam, 15 units or more in size.

The unit would not really provide a home for its temporary residents. It's intended to provide safe evening shelter and place to shower. Facility users would check into the facility in the evening and check out in the morning. Again, the facility is not intended to serve as a long-term housing solution.

The shelter would also allow police officers to drop off those who have taken shelter in public places in the evening, such as parks and local businesses.

According to an Adelup news release, the facility would give religious-oriented groups a platform to proselytize the homeless and give non-government organizations and social workers a further shot at them. Persons offering job opportunities could pick up workers from this possible labor source at the facility.

“From time to time we have seen a family that needs a temporary place to stay due to an unforeseen circumstance, or an unfortunate soul sleeping in a public park,” Governor Calvo said. “This proposed facility would serve this temporary need by providing safe shelter in the evenings for those who are in need.”

GHC's Chris Duenas will be working with his agency to identify landlords interested in this program. “I will work with my board to see this plan through and ensure that we fill this important housing need in the community,” Duenas said.


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