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  • By Pacific Island Times Staff

Aguon proposes abolition of GLUC

Senator Frank B. Aguon Jr. on Monday introduced a bill proposing the temporary abolition of the Guam Land Use Commission.

Aguon filed Bill 109-34 on the heels of the commission’s decision to approve the construction of a 30-foot electronic billboard in Tumon despite the Office of the Attorney General’s legal advice that would violate Guam law.

"First and foremost, we should never change the law to accommodate people who are in default of the law; we don't create laws to fit the offender, we make the offender comply with the law," Aguon said.

"The people of Guam rely on the expertise of the members of the Guam Land Use Commission, not only to uphold the spirit and intention of any and all laws in their decision making process, but to uphold them with integrity and not blatant disregard, “ he added.

Assistant Attorney General Kristan Finney earlier advised commission members against approving the variance application filed by Trivision Media Group LLC. For the installation of a LED billboard next to the Pacific Bay Hotel. Kristan said the law prohibits such signs.

Aguon said the business owners are now faced with the potentiality of a negative impact to their business, by no fault of their own. He suggested that the affected businesses be granted time to recoup their initial expenses."

Under Bill 109-34, the commission’s tasks would be transferred temporarily to the governor’s office for one year until GLUC is restored.

"The Commission’s mission goals, priorities and responsibilities must be revisited to effectively and efficiently address the important issues that are intimately related to land use, including but not limited to the following: economic development, community revitalization, infrastructure, housing, transportation, environmental protection and land preservation,” Aguon said. “By abolishing the current Commission, the governor would then be tasked to ensure that the duties and responsibilities of the Commission are in line with the rule of law."

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