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Military urban training exercise to be held in Adelup Complex, Tanguison

An eight-day urban-military training exercise will be held at various locations on Guam from Jan. 27 to Feb. 3, according to the U.S. Department of Navy.

While most of the training exercises will be done at Anderson Air Force and Naval Base, the critical components of the Realistic Urban Training Exercise, which involve a “raid-scenario,” will be held at Tanguison Power Plant and Adelup Complex.

Captain S.M. Jones, the Navy’s regional engineer, wrote to the Guam Bureau of Statistics and Plans, seeking the government of Guam’s approval for the use of the civilian sites.

“During the simulated raid on the complex, access to the facility and surrounding beaches will be temporarily restricted for two to three hours to ensure the safety of public and exercise participants,” Jones said.

One scenario includes an enemy force taking over the Governor’s Complex.

Spearheaded by the U.S. Marine Corps, will involve the USMC 31st Maritime Expeditionary Unit, Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Air Force Special Operations Command, the Guam Police Department, US Coast Guam, Anderson Air Force Base Security Forces, the 34th Expeditionary Bomber Squadron and Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 25.

Information on the number of training participants was not available as of press time.

“In the proposed action, members of the USMC 31st Maritime Raid Force wild plan to execute a reconnaissance mission and time-sensitive raid in order to neutralize a fictitious enemy cell located at the target site on Feb 2,” Jones said.

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