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Aguon renews effort to repeal pay raises

(Press Release) The effort to repeal the raises of Guam's top elected officials moves forward in the 34th Guam Legislature with Senator Frank B. Aguon, Jr.'s introduction of Bill No. 4-34. If successful, the new legislation will revert the annual salaries of the governor, lieutenant governor and senators to annual salary amounts collected prior to the enactment of Public Law 32-208 passed in November, 2014.

"We've seen several versions of this raise repeal fail in the past two years because of one reason or another. I think it's high time that the island's top elected officials set the example. While a full repeal of 32-208 is preferred, we just keep hitting a brick wall. If we want to effect change - let's start with ourselves, from the top down and start chipping away at this brick wall," Senator Aguon said. "Bill No. 4-34 will affect only the governor, lieutenant governor and senators. Additional measures can be taken to reduce the salaries of other elected and politically-appointed officials with separate legislation. But let's start here - with us, right now."

Bill No. 4-34 seeks to exclude I Maga'låhen Guåhan, I Segundu na Maga'låhen Guåhan and senators of I Liheslaturan Guåhan from the Competitive Wage Act of 2014, setting the salaries of the governor at a rate of Ninety Thousand Dollars ($90,000) per annum, the lt. governor at a rate of Eighty-Five Thousand Dollars ($85,000) per annum, and senators of the Guam Legislature at a rate of Fifty-Five Thousand Three Hundred Three Dollars ($55,303) per annum. Unified Pay Schedule/Executive Pay Schedule for the governor, lt. governor, and senators was authorized by the Civil Service Commission on October 3, 1991[revised on April 30, 1996].

"If you take a look at news stories from our local media outlets online and if you scroll through the comments on social media sites, you'll see one resounding theme no matter what the issue is: the people of Guam want these raises repealed,"

Senator Aguon said. "Tax refund payments are on the horizon, the court’s decision to affirm the $14 Million award to Guam YTK, Simon Sanchez High School needs to be rebuilt and the people feel we haven't put these issues first. Let's repeal these raises quickly and move forward."

Bill No. 4-34 was introduced this morning. Per the 34th Guam Legislature’s Standing Rules, the Bill must be referred by the Committee on Rules to the “Principal Committee” prior to any public hearing. The Principal Committee must convene a public hearing for Bill No. 4-34 prior to the bill being placed on the legislature's upcoming session agenda. As of today, no date has been set for the legislature’s next session.

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