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  • By Aline Yamashita

Mail hub

One would think that by 2016, the whole world would know that Guam is found at 13° latitude and 144° longitude. One would think that businesses would value our business – even if we’re not spilling over by the millions. How can a business not want our business? Our dollar is worth 100 cents – like theirs.

Every time a vendor responds that they don’t send to Guam, I get a little huffy. It’s worse when they used to send and then, stop. The customer pays for the shipping. What’s the problem with sending it our way?

Or, maybe they don’t care for the United States Postal Service. While USPS has been good to us, maybe that’s really the issue. Businesses seem to prefer ground transportation. Of course, here, we need the air delivery before we can kick in the ground delivery.

While in office, Families First! sent letters to every Chamber of Commerce letting them know that Guam is open for direct business. One state responded. Oh, well.

Every November, I pray harder that this whole process will level. This is when Eric places his items in carts – with enough time to get here – for the holiday season.

And every year, there are vendors who write back telling me they don’t send to Guam. Bah, humbug!

But this year, I discovered Shop the 48. God has ways. Based in Oregon, Shop the 48 accepts our packages and sends them to our lovely island.

Attached to Shop the 48 is Mail Hub. God sent me a double wink. I had no idea why Donavan Paulino was calling me. When he explained our package was received from Shop the 48 and they had it, I stopped. Well, how about that?

They receive and make sure the mail gets to the families – rather than having to go to the Post Office. Mail Hub is found at 275 G Farenholt Drive in Tamuning – next to Oka Payless. Their email is Their phone number is 649-2060. They receive mail from USPS, DHL, FedEx and UPS. They sign for the packages and either deliver to you or hold for pick up. They have notary service. They package and send items. They can also assist with moving and storage for commercial or residential goods. They are a one-stop shop for business and office supply needs. They have a work center where you can print, fax, ship and mail – all at one hub.

But the best part is that they are efficient. Stuff gets to you. Even better is the fact that they smile. Oh, the place is clean. And, they have parking!

Yes, it can be challenging receiving mail. But now, please know that Donovan Paulino and his business Mail Hub are here to soften that challenge. He’s a local company making our island an even greater place. Thank you, sir, for filling in a gap.

Now, Guam has impartial mail delivery. Add that to good people, yummy food, and the best laughter – Guam is God’s great design.

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