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  • By Aline Yamashita

Honk, Beep, beep!

We were at the intersection near Pizza Hut and Bank Pacific. Eric was moving to his tunes. I was watching the lights – we were at the top.

Then, bump! Eric looked at me and said, “Watch where you’re going, Mom.” Uh, not me. I got out and the tiny sedan between our truck and a van was rattled. The van slid into the car.

When I got back into the truck, Eric advised me to watch where I’m going. I tried to help him understand it was the drivers behind us. So, Eric turned and said, “Drivers, watch where you’re going.”

Two days later, after I dropped Eric off at the Department of Agriculture, I made my way to Mobil to buy guava juice – best deal around. Headed back to Tamuning, I was in the passing lane in front of Winchell’s. There was a line waiting to turn in. Suddenly, an impatient driver swayed in my lane. Fortunately, the middle lane was empty as I swerved to keep from being smashed. The person sped away. Unbelievable.

We were taking our usual Saturday stroll and were at the Paseo Loop. Again, we were at the front waiting for a green light. A driver decided she was going to short cut the loop and attempted to make a right turn. Two trucks coming from the loop blared their horns. And, they did not stop honking. It seemed she thought they were going to let her turn because she kept hedging forward. Nope, they weren’t having it. Lots of hand signs being thrown her way. Especially because Guam drivers typically do not honk – unless they’re letting you merge or they’re saying hi, it was a situation that rattled those of us watching.

Three days later, Eric and I were headed home. It was a hot day – mostly because the rain and the sun were taking turns in the driver’s seat. We were in front of First Hawaiian Bank in Maite. Cars were waiting to exit the FHB parking lot. Suddenly, an impatient driver darted to the front of the waiting cars, jammed into the traffic making a left turn. We were in the right lane and ahead in the passing lane was a huge NEX delivery truck. “Oh, no,” I thought. I thought for sure the car was going to be smashed by the delivery truck. Luckily, the truck’s driver was able to reduce its speed.

Yes, everyone is in a hurry to get to where they need to get. But, please know that the rules of driving need to be followed. Luck was on the side of the near hits we encountered. As a reminder, though, luck isn’t always lucky. We’ve prayed for many who have suffered bad car assaults.

Safety is in your hands. Driving is a serious responsibility. Not only do you need to buckle up and stay off the phone, you need to watch out for the drivers who have no business driving. As Eric says, “Drivers, watch where you’re going.”

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