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Worksite Labs launches first diagnostics center on Guam

Worksite Labs nurses, phlebotomists, and medical assistants support Guam during its recovery from typhoon Mawar. Photo courtesy of Facebook

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Worksite Labs, a premier diagnostic laboratory company, opened its high-complexity laboratory and first of three patient service centers on June 12 at the Dededo Pay-Less Supermarket.

The company is also partnering with Guam’s mayors and the Todu Guam Foundation to provide pop-up diagnostic centers to support relief efforts in the community.

"The opening of our first Worksite Labs Patient Service Center (PSC) in Guam was unfortunately delayed by typhoon Mawar. However, during this period, we recognized the pressing needs of the community affected by the storm and decided to extend our support beyond the confines of our site,” said Gary Frazier, founder and CEO of Worksite Labs.

Worksite Labs has collaborated with the mayors' offices to establish pop-up medical testing sites and formed a partnership with the Todu Guam Foundation to offer diagnostic services as part of its medical outreach initiative.

“Our intention is to invest in the community and provide our services where they were most needed after the devastating storm," Frazier said.

Worksite Labs is a national healthcare diagnostics and technology company that delivers fast, reliable results by placing full-service labs where they’re needed most.

The company’s innovative decentralized laboratory model and advanced diagnostic testing capabilities, the only one of its kind, give customers superior access to important healthcare services directly into communities so residents can make informed decisions about their well-being.

Worksite Labs disclosed plans to open two more PSCs at the Guam Medical Plaza and the Yigo Pay-Less Supermarket and its main lab at Guam Regional Medical Center in the coming months. Besides Guam. Worksite Labs operates in 23 major cities in seven states.

“We are looking to open more locations later this year to better serve the community,” Frazier said.

“We are a new generation of diagnostic laboratory testing. Our model aims to positively impact every Guam resident, healthcare provider, and health system to give patients greater power over their health and wellbeing,” Frazier said.

“We are pleased to bring labs into the villages to serve our Guam community and provide access to quality healthcare through the delivery of quick, affordable and trusted diagnostic testing for all," he added.

He said the company brings "quality, affordable testing services to where our customers live, work and play.”

Worksite Labs saids it expanded to Guam as an opportunity to provide better access directly to where those diagnostic services are needed. The company’s model will bring the speed and agility of a localized lab and the technology and service of a national laboratory network to Guam.

During the soft opening of the Worksite Labs Dededo Pay-Less location, Worksite Labs is offering a curated list of testing. The test menu can be found on its website at

Worksite Labs is credentialed to work with all local insurance plans on Guam – Calvo’s SelectCare, TakeCare, NetCare, StayWell, Medicare, Medicaid, Medically Indigent Program, and soon, TRICARE.

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