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Wall of shame: AG's billboard displays mug shots of deportable convicted aliens

 By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Standing on Guam's busy thoroughfares are billboards showcasing images of convicted aliens whom the Office of the Attorney General wants to deport.

The billboard, which includes a 3D image of an airplane, is part of the OAG's "Pack your Bags" initiative "to "deport those who have hurt us."

"Harsh words that save lives and protect us all from harm caused by an alien criminal, including harm to other non-U.S. residents who chose to follow our laws," states a press release from the OAG.

"Our billboard communicates to family members of over 40 alien criminals to contact and to remind their relatives at the Department of Corrections that AG's Office currently has a program to immediately deport these alien inmates," OAG said.

The Deport Air Program seeks to decongest Guam's prison facilities to accommodate other criminals, OAG said.

Those who will be deported will be banned from returning to Guam. If they do, they would be arrested upon entry and sent back to jail.

"In conjunction with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and DOC, the AG’s Office is actively seeking the quick deportation and prohibition from re-entry of all alien criminals," OAG said.

OAG said for the past two weeks, over a dozen inmates through their attorneys are requesting to participate in our Deport Air Program, with motions and stipulated orders now being filed with the court.

"Our Deport Air Program simply hastens their fate once they complete their sentences, since ICE already intends to deport them once they are released from prison. Under Deport Air, these inmates will still have their remaining prison terms awaiting them if they try to re-enter the United States," OAG said.

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