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USCIS approves wage hike for H-2B workers on Guam

 By Pacific Island Times News Staff


The US. Citizen and Immigration Services has approved the new prevailing wage rates for guest workers in the construction sector, reflecting increases for all jobs listed under the H-2B program.


These new rates apply to H-2B petitions filed with the Guam Department of Labor on or after June 11 and remain in place until June 2026. 


However, certified wage rates for current approvals remain at the old wage rates until the employer’s valid labor certification expires, according to the governor's office.


The average wage for all occupations on the list was $19.10 per hour, equating to an increase of $2.17 from the previous biennial cycle.  

All occupations on the list for which H-2B workers are commonly imported saw increases in wage rates. For example, carpenters had an increase of $2.76 per hour, while cement masons saw a $1.85 increase and reinforcing metalworkers realized an increase of only 25 cents.

Similarly employed U.S. workers in the same companies and occupations as H-2B workers will see pay increases based on the updated wage rates as new or extended workers get certified later in the year.  

“The H-2B prevailing wage system helps ensure wage equity with our resident workforce who work beside our H-2B guest workers. We are pleased to see the continued increase in wages, which benefits our locals who work in these skilled construction trades,” said acting Gov. Joshua Tenorio.

“Additionally, this latest action should serve as an incentive for our local workers who may want to enter the construction workforce as skilled craft workers," he added.

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