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US Congress passes National Heritage Area study for Guam

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

The U.S. Congress has passed the National Heritage Area Act, which included language from Congressman San Nicolas's H.R. 2899 to have a National Heritage Area Study done for Guam.

"On this Christmas Eve we are so blessed to have such an important measure pass into law, which will cause the National Park Service to study the island of Guam for potential areas to designate as Federal National Heritage Areas," San Nicolas said.

"At the conclusion of the study, the findings will then provide the necessary clearance for those areas to be formally designated by law, enabling them to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal support to maintain, enhance, and protect them for proper showcasing and preservation,"he added.


San Nicolas expressed confidence that several spots on Guam including the Spanish colonial sites, World War sites and ecological sites will be found eligible for the study.

"Thereafter we can finally take the steps necessary to get them the federal funding they deserve that has been available since 1972," San Nicolas said.

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